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Eriogonum compositum subsp. lancifolium

Lanceleaf Buckwheat

The genus Eriogonum comprises around 250 species.

Medicinal qualities:

According to Daniel E. Moerman (Native American Medicinal Plants. Timber Press).

Okanagan-Colville. Cold Remedy. Decoction of roots and stems taken for cold.Dermatological Aid. Decoction of roots and stems used to wash infected cuts. Poultice of mashed leaves applied to cuts or infusion of leaves used as a wash for cuts and sores.

Sanpoil. Antidiarrheal. Decoction of roots taken for diarrhea.

For more information: Native American Ethnobotany (Dan Moerman).

Botanical resources:

- James Reveal 's website

- Jepson Flora Project.

- Oregon Flora Image Project (Gerald Carr's website).

- Flora and Fauna North West (Paul Slichter's website).

- Eriogonum Society.